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Learn about the history and philosophy behind Map Your Career, and take a tour through some of the major changes in the 2019 redesign.



Who is Map Your Career for?

Anyone and everyone! Map Your Career contains lots of information that can be useful to a wide range of audiences. It can help with career planning, career advancement/changes, and providing general data about the economy and industries in Seattle-King County.

How frequently is Map Your Career updated?

The last version of Map Your Career was completed between 2014-2015 and an update was long overdue. Moving forward, industry-level data will be updated annually as it becomes available. Occupation-level data will depend on how much change occurs over the course of the year, and updates will be made as appropriate.


How were the industries selected?

The industries featured in Map Your Career are some of the most in-demand in Seattle-King County—either through growth or high numbers of retirements.


How were the occupations selected?

The research process began with labor market data, to understand in-demand and growing occupations. The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) met with experts across industry to learn more and ensure the research was reflective of the real world.


Where did the data come from?

A range of sources: EMSI, JobsEQ, the United States Census, and aggregated job postings from sites like Monster and Indeed.


Where can I get a copy of the printed version?

Printed copies will be distributed to local schools in addition to Worksource Centers, Affiliates, and Connection Sites throughout Seattle-King County.


Will Map Your Career be translated into other languages?

The WDC is discussing options for translating this resource into some of the most common languages spoken in Seattle-King County.


Does Map Your Career work with screen readers? was developed with screen reader functionality in mind. It is currently in beta testing, but the WDC hopes to have this fully implemented soon.

Can I put a link to Map Your Career on my company/organization’s website?

Yes, absolutely!

What’s with the cat?

During the photo shoot for the cover art, Maggie the cat walked into a few pictures, and when the design was tested with focus groups, they loved her! She’s become quite the famous cat.


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