Top 5 Benefits

Keep and Build Quality People

  • Planning

    Prepare for the Future

    The workforce is aging and the gaps for skills will only get bigger. You can design pathways to ensure you have a pipeline of workers for the future.

  • Funding

    Connect with funding for training start up costs

    We will help you source funding options including multiple grant opportunities and partial wage payment of trainees as available.

  • Savings

    Recruiting, Salary, and Training cost savings

    Apprenticeship helps you recruit candidates easier, by training exceptional individuals to have the technical skills you need. Apprenticeship training programs help accelerate skill development, and the beginning salaries are a percentage of those of fully trained workers. It's a successful solution for cost savings with a clear ROI.

  • Productivity

    Reduce Employee Turnover

    Apprenticeship programs create opportunities for advancement, which encourages workers to remain with the employer. Employer investment in worker skills and opportunities pays off in worker loyalty.

  • Recruitment

    Effective Recruitment Tool

    The "earn while you learn" model is extremely attractive to potential workers. By introducing apprenticeship in areas of expertise or geography where there are shortages, employers can increase the number of people entering those areas and offer them career ladders.

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"Investing in employee development has given us a good return on investment." Jody Smith
Director, HR - Employee and Labor Relations, MultiCare